I truly appreciate the fact that you like my art.

When I design it I always try to imagine what you would like!

Elaine Molenaar Jewelry Designer - About Page

I am thrilled that everyone who has purchased my handcrafted jewelry, appreciates owning authentic uniquely artisan crafted pieces worthy of a strong individualist woman. 

Before I created Elaine’s Jewelry Design, I was just like some women out there, buying whatever the big chains and the average jewelry stores and sites offered. I can’t pin point exactly why I was doing that, maybe because I wanted to save money at the time or didn’t even realise I could find unique pieces with character hand made by crafters with passion for every piece they make. I guess I thought at the time that following trends was more important than expressing my own personal taste and making a statement. Or…. maybe it was a little bit of everything…

Then one day…

I absolutely fell in love with creating my own unique character jewelry. I just could not bare the thought of purchasing jewelry from huge franchises selling everything but the kitchen sink offer us, namely low quality jewelry imported from the far east and made to last for one use only anymore.

I was concerned that the jewelry I started to make will appear expensive or will not be sold as fast as the ordinary online imported items sold out there by those other companies.

But then I realized there are more women like me, independent, determined, having their own unique taste. Those women surely want to make their own statement. They don’t want to just be swept away by the waves of cheap fashion jewelry offered to them everywhere. Or on the other hand, be buying very expensive one of a kind pieces made by the traditional jewelers, pieces without a personal touch or just the opposite so crazy in their design fitting only to be displayed in a gallery.

I decided to set out to create the most breathtaking timeless personal jewelry I could craft for women who aren’t afraid to dream and make their dreams come true.

It turns out..

that the road was more difficult than I imagined. 

It took me 8 Years and a lot of learning, testing and understanding how to create those timeless pieces. 

I started with simple designs and moed on to different complex jewelry making techniques. All this time I worked with quality materials such as gemstones and precious metals. I have never settled for using low quality materials which would change color and shape or cause skin rash.

Do you ask yourself where I draw my inspiration from?

Well, since I was a little girl I was a dreamer, I believed in magic! I loved fairy tales and folklore stories. I found enchanted forests full with fairies and elves places I wanted to return to time and time again even as an adult. There was so much to learn from literature which descended into the unknown and rolled out stories about heros and dragons. This magical world is still a big source of inspiration for me in everything I do.

This journey I took…

happened at a special moment in my life. It happened when I moved to a new continent, country, culture and language. I had to adapt, learn the local culture and at the same time push forward to reach my goal.

Taking this brave step…

I released my first products and the response has been overwhelming. Each time someone purchased a piece from me they would tell me how much it meant to them and that it was not only an act of buying a piece of jewelry to wear with the new outfit- it was something special that they would cherish wear and enjoy for a while.


Please let my jewelry inspire you to make your own statement, be unique, be who you want to be! Let me make you the jewelry which will inspire you to make your own changes and make your dreams come true. It’s never too late!