Chain Options

Our types and sizes

Chain Type

Some of Elaine’s necklaces’ designs allow chain type and size variation. You can choose from several types of chains depending on every collection’s options. Those options will be available on this page as well as as a drop down menu on relevant products and in the descriptions of these products.


Bead Chain

sterling silver bead chain

Oval Cable Chain

oval cable chain

Box Chain

boxed chain

Rolo Chain

rolo chain
* These photos are illustrations of the different chain types (Used as illustrations and taken from examples of Rio Grande’s chain product pictures)

Chain/Necklace length

It is also possible to choose chain length by some of the necklaces. You can choose from standard chain lengths available in the chart below. This chart is also available on product pages where relevant. It appears directly under the description title on the right side (on each relevant product page in the shop)

  • Important remark: The length of a chain/necklace applies to the chain itself excluding the pendant hanging on the chain. Pendant sizes will be provided as separate measurements in the description of each relevant product.
necklace length chart