They are almost here: The new collection and the holidays!

Do you know that feeling when a new collection is coming to the stores? The previous items are sold with discounts while the shelves with the new items have the “NEW” sign and sell for full price?

Well, it always frustrated me! I wanted to buy the new items with discount as well! So here’s what I thought… I decided to give you this special holiday gift and have EVERYTHING on both my website shop and at my Etsy shop for up to 50% discount up to the launch of my NEW and exciting EXPRESSION collection!

What a great opportunity for last moment holiday Shopping or just to get yourself that piece you really liked and wanted to have…

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So here they are the new Expression collection pieces right here! Before the official launch date arrives. I put them all in this email for your convenience to have in just a click. You don’t have to look for them anywhere else. You will be directly taken to the product page on the site and can enjoy the exceptional deal I am offering you now. This sale will only be available until December 24th.

Before I forget

If you still need a last moment gift let me give you a great idea. I made a special gift certificate available for you to use on my web store. You can charge this certificate with any amount and give it to someone special if you cannot decide what they would like to have.

You don’t even have to give the whole amount for a special unique jewelry piece. They can always add whatever amount they find appropriate and make their own choice without having to be disappointed. 

I hope you like my idea    

Expression Jewelry Collection

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Launch of EXPRESSION: 24 December 2018

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