Holiday Jewelry Gift Guide

The holiday season is here There is so much magic in the air! It is that time when you make your wish lists and think about what you want to buy as a gift for your dear ones. What is a better gift idea than an exquisite jewelry piece? But the choices are so difficult to make. There is so much offered everywhere! Where do you start? Well let me help you by offering you this Holiday Gift Guide.

Oh wait, let me introduce myself if you don’t know yet who I am. This is me, Elaine. I am an artisan jewelry designer. My passion is creating unique jewery pieces with gemstones and precious metals. My inspiration is human history, mythology and our amazing planet. I create jewelry intuitively by letting myself dig deep into my unconscious inspiration sources and allowing them to guide my hands into shaping them.

Elaine Jewelry Design- Holiday Jewelry Gift Guide


The stores and internet are flooded with mass produced jewelry. Are you just going with the flow or do you want to find something special? Are you looking for a present for someone unique and strong minded that does not want to follow the endless rivers of consumer product trends? Are they independent, have unique beauty and want to express their true-self in their own special way?

Do they believe in magic? Not the bunny out of the hat kind of magic, a different kind – it’s everywhere around us, even in the little things.

We are so much more than what we think we are. Our intuition, our sensitivity to little things like fine arts, or how we feel about a special corner somewhere in the garden or at the park – it’s all out there for us to discover when we take a break from the daily rush. Nature is beautiful. It provides us with those little magical moments and things that make us stop and look deep into ourselves. 

Why don’t you choose a special gift this year, something unique… a little reminder of those special magical moments and characteristics within you or your loved ones. 


Gemstones and natural stones are like us humans, each one is unique and exudes a specific energy. Crystals or gemstones inspire, uplift, balance, calm and energize. Stones are used for healing, enhancing learning, alleviating stress, balancing the energy fields at home, activating our energy and promoting lucid dreaming.

Wearing gemstones bring them closer and charge us with their special energy. Their healing energy works so much better when they are touching our skin.


Genuine hand made jewelry with gemstones conveys a strong personal message and radiate so much more energy than mass manufactured jewelry. Let yourself or your loved one experience the luxury and strong message of a unique handcrafted piece. The gemstones in that piece are not only full of wonderful ancient energy from deep within the earth but also full of the love dedication and creativity of the artist who crafted it. 


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Express it in a Ring

Our rings come in three popular sizes but can also be made to fit. You can measure your ring size by using a ring sizer. Those are available for purchase at our online store.  A gift certificate is also a great option to use when you are not sure about the ring size to choose. 

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Magical Bracelets

One of a Kind Necklace

Our unique necklaces are made to fit classic necklace lengths. The clasps are hand crafted exquisitely. Each necklace has a special clasp designed to add comfort and style. Use the hook to fasten your necklace with ease. 

Perfect Balance Earrings

Choose a pair of exquisite earrings to bring balance to your look. All Earrings are made with precious metal ear hooks.

Still Cannot Choose

Purchase one of our flexible gift cards and allow your special someone to make their own choice.

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