Making Jewelry

Making Jewelry

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Making Jewelry, What it means to me

The love for the creative process is the reason why I decided to become a jewelry designer. I love making jewelry. I can tell you that of all the things I do in a day as a jewelry designer, the thing I love most is working on my piece. It doesn’t matter what it is. I could be cutting metal, weaving wires or adding a gemstone, the process of creation of a piece is what makes me feel accomplished and happy. 

I always submerge into the process of creation and enter some kind of trance stage. Time and space lose importance when I create.

Just like raising a child

One of my favourite activities within the process of creation is working with metal wire. I can describe the process of working with wire like raising a child. You start with raw material. It has its own innate characteristics, hardness, tention, specific looks and feel. 

It is in this beginner state and I am the one who is going to work with those characteristics. I shape it and form it into something beautiful.

Natural resistance

Of course, just like a child the wire will resist and act according to its nature, piling up obstacles in my way. But nevertheless, the process of sculpting it into the form and shape is what makes me feel a wonderful sense of fulfilment.

A short video showing one of the processes of making jewelry

Just like raising a child, you can have a plan – a design according to which you want to work. But consequently you will never end up where you expect. Because even knowing how wire behaves and how to work with it (knowledge and skill I acquired along the years), it will still surprise me. It would do that by making me go yet one step further and discover something new and wonderful about itself. I would never know exactly how that wire will end up in my final design. Consequently I will form it according to a design I sketched or planned but the precise end form is something I will reach by letting the wire guide me to its exact eventual location.

Doesn’t jewelry crafting require planning?

Of course, you might think that this is not something to be expected of an artisan Silver or Goldsmith. The reason might be that you would expect a jewelry designer to plan all the designs from scratch until the end. Well, it is probably true when talking about mainstream jewelry production . Indeed there is a difference in my opinion between traditional jewelry making (what we call silversmith or goldsmith) and what I consider jewelry crafting. That is what makes the difference between my art and traditional jewelry!

To conclude, when making jewelry I listen to my inner creative voice. I let intuition lead me to the final result. That in my opinion is also the difference between just any piece of commercial jewelry and my jewelry. 

Shahrazad dreams Sterling silver gemstone earrings
Earrings Examples
Necklaces Examples
Silver and Moonstone gemstone Ring
Ring Examples

The end result

Every piece I make is formed by listening to my creative intuitive energy. In a way you can see my creative process as connecting to the universe and reaching out for guidance for the final harmony that shapes my piece. 

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t just randomly shape something or have no clue how to form a piece. I am also not talking about technical steps in creating jewelry. Those you have to master as a craftswoman. I am talking about this feeling that an artist has – that difference between her and the rest of the artists out there or the machine made products, Its that final piece of ‘artistic muse’ that helps shape that piece uniquely, in perfect balance with all that is around us.

Behind the scenes

Finally, here are some captured moments of my creation process. Only by looking at them again I am reliving those moments of joy making something beautiful realise itself in a form of jewelry.

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