The creative process of an artist

My creative process

My creative Process


Did you ever wonder what goes on in the mind of an artist when they have to come up with a new collection?

Nope, its not like- ok what will I make today… If it only was like that.

I wish I could wake up in the morning and just create something that I feel like creating that same day. That would be so much easier…

If I’d do that I would be making anything and everything. My mind is so full of ideas and techniques. I want to make them ALL. They all look different and amazing but if I will just make random pieces of jewelry on a regular basis, design whatever comes to mind without a theme or a general idea to bind them together and present them to you every day you will be confused! You will see the chaos inside the creator’s/artist’s mind. It would be very hard to understand and enjoy. In order to make that easier I as an artist arrange that for you in understandable chunks which you hopefully can appreciate.

I have this gigantic repository of random thoughts popping up each time I see something. Everything inspires me. Everything makes designs pop up in my mind. It’s the abyss of endless inspiration. I draw my ideas out of that fascinating yet complex and chaotic place and bring them to life in little chunks called Collections or Product Lines. Believe me I find it challenging.

You have to choose

You ask yourself why? Because it taunts me. It makes me choose. Imagine you would have 3 beautiful children- which one would you choose as your favorite if you had to do that? Or lets say, you are a cat lady and you own 50 cats. Some one would come and say – “select only 5 and give them a theme, tell about them but it would have to be something that is orderly and makes sense and fits all 5”- Wouldn’t you feel like someone is trying to torture you?

Famous Quotes

Thats how an artist feels when they have to come up with a new collection. Yes thats how I felt when I had to come up with a theme for my collection and of course name it and come up with the designs which would be part of it…


Salvador Dali

Another thing we artists have in common is – we are taunted by perfection. Perfection is one of the worst enemies of an artist. It blocks our creativity and tortures us. Even Salvador Dali had to battle with Perfection. He once wrote: “Have no fear of perfection. You’ll never reach it.”


For a period of weeks I made sketches, Googled, read, dug deep into my own sources of inspiration, peeked in Pinterest (hahaha yes sorry, but I did. Damn you Pinterest.. you always manage to overwhelm me). And then I came up with 10 designs… and the next day I had 10 other designs in my head… and a week later I totally abandoned those and came up with a few others… And then I thought … wait!!! what would my customers want to wear this season… and then I collapsed… I was sleepless for about 2 weeks.. drank tons of coffee, procrastinated and started all over…

being creative - quote

It’s Love

Yes, yes it’s true. so much pain and challenge, and so much love for what I make… So many considerations about you, my dear gem and what you would love to wear and will never shove into your drawer to gather dust. Because I would like you to love your jewelry piece so much that it would be one of those pieces you might consider passing on to the next generations.

Eventually I just pulled myself together and told myself that I have to decide and that my other ideas would probably supply me with ideas for the coming, I don’t know, 20 or 30 collections.

And then I decided! I had them- my 10 beautiful designs for the new and exciting collection which I call GODDESS! Why Goddess?

I will tell you all about that in my next post.

Wait! Before you go… what does your creative process look like? What are your fears, your challenges, your happy moments? 

I am so curious to know. Don’t forget to post your replies in the comments below.

New collection Goddess
Canstockphoto pic for Goddess
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