Ring Size Guide

Size Guide

It is always a challenge to purchase a ring online. Would it fit me? Will I need to send it back? pay for shipment so many times, and so on. Well I am happy to say that you shouldn’t worry at all from now on! First, Elaine’s rings are perfectly sized to the quarter of size if needed. We are also going to provide you with everything necessary to be able to size your rings properly no matter what finger they are meant to fit. What a relief!

How do I measure my ring size?

First of all you will need to know that ring sizes vary per country/region. US/UK/different countries in the EU and Japan have their own sizes. But don’t worry. No matter what country it is, you will be able to know your ring size for each and every one of them. 

Elaine is using the following two sizes standards: European  (Italy Spain Netherlands Switzerland) and US sizes.

It is also possible to purchase a plastic ring sizer from our shop HERE.

Below you can see a ring size chart which you can use when you already know the circumference of your chosen finger for a ring.  Just look at the chart- Find your circumference in metric Milimeters and check the different size standards for the appropriate ring size. It is that simple!

Ring size chart

Watch the great  video below to learn how to determine your ring size

Important remark:

You can always contact us if you want to be sure you are ordering the right ring size. You can find our contact details HERE

And/Or purchase your own multiple usage Ring Sizer HERE

If you are looking for a present for someone special and are not sure what their ring size is, consider purchasing them a Gift Certificate!  So very convenient!